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The Secrets of Goal Setting Or How to Boost Your Home Business in 6 Easy Steps

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Napoleon Hill and Carnegie knew it back in 1929. Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins know it now and thousands of people all over the world are experiencing the benefits of it through building successful online businesses every day. What is it? Goal setting. Two little words that can mean make or break when it comes to your success or failure in your internet business or whatever venture or path you set out on.

But like any other activity you have to learn how to DO it right before you GET it right. Here are little 6 steps to help you discover that Goal Setting could be the most important thing you learn today.

1. LIST YOUR GOAL. Be specific about what you want - really specific. You are making a legal contract with yourself - a blueprint for success. Saying "I want to be rich and earn lots of money" is not being specific, but saying "By [date] I will be earning $10,000 every month" is very specific. You have told yourself when you want to achieve your goal and you have told yourself what your goal is. Which brings me to the second point

2. SET A DEADLINE. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. But specifying a timeframe in which you will achieve your goal sets it in stone. You have told your brain that you WILL achieve your goal by such and such a date and so your brain goes to work.

3. PLAN THE STEPS INVOLVED. Write down what you need to do exactly to achieve your goal. For example let's say you want to LEARN SPANISH for a forthcoming holiday. What would your steps be to achieve that goal.

  • Buy a Spanish phrase book
  • Learn 10 to 20 new words every day
  • Listen to other people speaking Spanish
  • Find a friend who speaks Spanish and practice your grammar with them
  • Download Spanish audio recordings from the internet and listen to them every day.

4. MAKE A COMMITMENT. Promise yourself that you will do your best to reach your goal. DO NOT waiver but DO be flexible. No matter how good your plans are, stuff happens and you may need to adjust some steps as you go along - and that's OK. Don't beat yourself up about it. Just keep making progress toward the final goal.

5. START IMMEDIATELY & REVIEW YOUR GOALS DAILY. Everything may not be perfect to start but JUST START. If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right you will NEVER take the first step on your journey. Write all of the above steps down on a piece of paper and SIGN AND DATE IT. Now you have made a legal contract with yourself. The only person stopping you from achieving your goal IS YOU. Read that contract EVERY DAY - OUT LOUD...! - and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Give yourself a big pat on the back when you pass some of the milestones you set yourself.

6. USE YOUR IMAGINATION - VISUALIZE. I reckon this is the most important step. "Fast-forward" in time and imagine yourself achieving the goal. SEE yourself stepping off the plane on your holiday and speaking Spanish to the hotel staff in a relaxed and confident manner. Feel the sense of accomplishment that brings. IMAGINE yourself wandering through the marketplace and understanding all that is being said around you. Here are some final thoughts on Goal Setting:

  • Goals are great, but you need a plan to reach them otherwise they'll always be just goals and never achievements.
  • Goals can easily get put on the back burner, so you have to stay focused and keep working toward them.
  • Don't be afraid to set large goals. If others have reached them before - YOU CAN TOO.
  • Talk to people who have already reached the goal you have set yourself. They can give you inspiration and practical suggestions. Share your goals with your friends and family so they can be part of your support team. AND FINALLY
  • Don't beat yourself up if you're not accomplishing your goal perfectly or in the timeframe you set. Just keep trying and don't give up.

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