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TradeRush do not believe in that scam site

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Agents act Rush, to convince me to spend $ 250 in binary options, spend something new on the Internet, IT training runs, was his advice to any disaster, I lose all my investment due to the rapid, and the company refused to back my money. After I complained to the manager, they email me your proposal states that all I am doing my own risk, and they are not responsible. This was not the time to do my account says, but printed by clicking on one of the 25 left in the fine print. And she claims that it was my mistake not to read.

Traderush clearly a tool used to try to fool the poor is determined from their savings to supplement their income. Binary options investing dangerous game of guessing, and make at least some brokers offer a demo account, not Traderush. And they refused to respond to e-zhalobu.Realny grabezh.Kompaniya in the UK, so it is impossible to make direct contact. Except through email no binary options brokers in the U.S., so if you are interested in this type of investment will have to deal with foreign company.

Fraudsters other to see how easily rip innocent people, and my copy, as a new day TradeRush is a SCAM . So be careful! If you can not get a demo account does not trust them ..