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Create a Successful Online Business by Giving

Friday, October 19, 2012

Create a successful business by giving? Giving? That doesn't make sense. You may be thinking, "I'm creating a business to get something for me and my family. Why would I want to give anything away?" This is contrary to anything that I've heard about successful entrepreneurs. Don't most entrepreneurs focus on how much money they can make off of others?

Yes, this is the general perspective of success in business. Most people think that you can only be a successful business person if you take advantage of others and try to wipe out your competition. This is the old school thinking of entrepreneurial success.

However, Wallace Wattles, the author of The Science of Getting Rich, gives a different perspective. He emphasizes that a person will only experience true financial success when she moves from the competitive plane to the creative plane. He states that, "Give everyone more in use value than you take from him in cash value. Then you are adding to the life of the world by every business transaction."

Or in other words, "Give first." Give something of value to potential customers. Show that you are a leader who provides valuable information that can help them achieve their goals. You may think that you have nothing to give other than the products or services of your business. You'd be surprised.

If you are in network marketing, you can offer videos from Magnetic Sponsoring, the Building on a Budget series, or the Magnetic Sponsoring series. If you are marketing health products, you could create an eBook about the value of supplementation, and give the eBook to people who sign up on your blog.

You can also provide valuable content through videos, blogs or articles. Do you read personal development books? It's essential to change your thinking and think like successful entrepreneurs. Share what you are learning from books that you've read. Create a video that reviews a book, like Think and Grow Rich or The Science of Growing Rich.

You are branding yourself as the leader than others want to follow. You demonstrate that you have what it takes to help others achieve their goals. As you give first, you will attract people to you for people are looking for leaders. By giving first you are creating the successful online business of your dreams.